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I have the worse experience with this company Nationstar mortgage. I have my mortgage with CitiMortgage for over 10 years. I was trasferred service to Nationstar in August 2016 and I did a payoff in September 2016. I waited for 3 weeks before I could get my escrow refund back so I can pay my property taxes. I deposited the refund check on Friday and Saturday morning, I received an email from Nationstar stating that the refund check was... Read more

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The same posting error happened to me. It is not the first time. I made my monthly mortgage payment in August and sent in an extra payment of $535.00 - stating I wanted it to be applied to Principal on 8/31/2016. Instead they applied to Lender Fees on the same day????? The same amount of $535. What is that? When I called, I received no Explanation. Someone will get back to me in 5 days. Never received a response. They clearly hold on to extra... Read more

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the worst company to do business with is nothing like this in the country a bunch of idiots like yu necer see anywhere in the world if they can be taken out of business will the best thing that can happen to them to us in a million years i cannot believe that a company like this was ever formed is serves no purpose no reason to exist please help us take them out of business is nothing else like this so bad in the world in the world in the world... Read more

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My home loan payment is due the 16th. I make my payments on time before the 16th but they are still considered late!?! That makes no sense. This has affected my credit even though payments are made on time. In order for my payment to not be considered late I have to make it exactly on the 1st not the 2nd or the 3rd the 1st of every month although it's due the 16th. My credit was so good before but with this situation with Nationstar this has... Read more

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My mortgage was sold to Nationstar. Have had nothing but problems the last month. They charged $20 "late fee" when my mortgage was paid on time. Being sold i was told to send payment in and no direct withdrawal. I sent payment in and then still tried to direct withdrawal. Causing 2 $30 fees from my bank. I have been jumping throw hoops to get money back. Very incompetent people working there.

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Horrible customer service. First girl had an attitude, wouldn't let me speak to the supervisor, and put me on hold for 20 minutes. Called back again, and mikayla or Michaela who was looking for a fax number to give me said "give me the *** fax number" to one of her co-workers while o was on the phone and I found that very unprofessional. I usually have no problems with Nationstar, but today was ridiculous. Read more

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I have paid nationstar a 2000.00 they said i owed another 200.00 i sent the money my bank verify that it was sent to nationstar they lost the payment now they are reporting it on my credit report as past due they are holding over 900.00 dollars of my money and they refuse to credit the account they they are saying they will start forclosure i do not have another 200.00 to send them i am on a fixed income what can be done Read more

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They took payments and are now saying they never received them and that we broke our modification and our now in foreclosure. We are lucky we caught them after only three months but who knows the mess I have to deal with now. We have copies of everything that we sent bank checks and they were never cashed by Nationstar and that the post office confirmed it was delivered to them and just a big mess. A bunch of frauds and they will be hearing... Read more

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Monthly I have been paying extra Principal on the 2nd Mortgage to pay down the loan, which began June 3, 2016 -- July 5, 2016 (next payment due August) --- the extra Principal payment was applied correctly. I received August statement on 8/09/2016 - said Payment Due Date 10/01/2016 they used my Extra Principal, paid by Check #3242 in the Amount of $756.00, the payment was applied 2 payments of $656.93 and Interest $200.61 and Interest... Read more

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This is a true story of what took place at Madera Court House, California, September 8, 2016. I watched my home sold at a completely fraudulent and fake Trustee Sale that defied every foreclosure auction video on You Tube and every discussion about foreclosure sales. I do not believe that anyone watching the scene that I watched, would say, that what took place seemed like a legitimate home foreclosure auction. The auctioneer did not know who... Read more

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