North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Nationstar increased escrow based on estimation of increase town taxes that will never increase the amount that they say they are "legally able" to withhold. They continual put payments in an expense account and then told me my full amount was due and sent letters.

I made three phone calls in the month of November 2015 to straighten out these two problems. Not one person could effectively explain the escrow. They do not have a customer service department only a call center. All customer complaints have to be submitted in writing.

In 20 years of holding a mortgage with various companies I have never experienced such "questionable" business practices.

I plan to follow up with the BBB. I did not chose this company my remortgage was sold 3 times in the first year and this is what I'm stuck with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Mortgage.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The same happened to me. The company I closed with (Amerisave) asked me to pay Aug taxes because I was closing in June and first payment would be in Aug, same day they had to pay taxes, so I prepaid Aug, and also paid 2 months for escrow for my Nov taxes.

Then Amerisave paid my Aug taxes and sold the mortgage to Nationstar / Mr. Cooper, and the they paid again my Aug taxes (the city considered this as Nov taxes), I realized this now in October after trying to figure out the reason for the escrow shortage and increase in monthly payment. After so many calls, they fixed a lot of mistakes, but I am still hearing they have to pay the taxes based on schedule (not actual that I own for Nov), but if they pay Nov/18, the city will put this as Feb/2019. I called the city and explained, and they will refund me, so if Mr.

Cooper actually pays Nov, I'll send them the escrow shortage and get the refund from the city. Unbelievable that this escrow issue has been happening for so long, I've seen online reviews back to 2013.


my mortgage company sold out to nationstar and i do not like them. they are crooks, they increased our payments over $200 and now they want me to pay a large sum of money after my contract ends and no one can explain why. they are the worst kind of crooks.