Torrance, California

My insurance company sent me a check for my house fire. Nationstar is holding over $50,000 of my money and has been sending me on a wild goose chase with requesting documents one piece at a time one month at a time.

They tell me they have everything one day and a month later they still need another document. I am patiently begging them to please mail me my money. I had to pay for the repairs out of my pocket and still waiting for the next screw up. It has been so many months I lost count.

It has been a financial nightmare. I got a call from a representative that said they would help me. She promised to call me back the next day and said she could not give me her phone number after I repeatedly begged for it. It has been a month and still no return phone call from loss draft department.

It is criminal what they are putting me through.

This is the worst company ever. I will be filing a formal complaint to federal government.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I have been dealing with this wild goose chase for 5 months now! Our home and everything in it burned to the ground Oct.

2017. Mr. Cooper has yet to send us our money, stating time and time again that we need to fax more info., stuff we've already sent! After reading through these posts I am mortified, horrified and Pissed!

I am experiencing the same BS that you all are. We have paid our builder out of our pocket, now they have stopped building until they get more funds!

Does anyone have any info. on who to contact?


Yes, I've experienced a very similar thing...wild goose chase...each rep telling me 1 thing and then no follow up and the next rep telling me something else...waiting on $ from a house freeze for 8 months now that I've gone out of pocket on!


Yes. This company must make a good portion of their income on holding checks.

Their website is very nice. It looks like you can track everything through it. So I look at my online to-do list and upload and fax all the documents they say they want. There are green checkmarks by all items indicating they've received everything.

It says something like check will be mailed in 4-6 days. That time comes and goes and no check is mailed. I call. They say they need another form from the insurance company.

But they didn't indicate this on my to-do list and they didn't contact me or the insurance company for it. If I hadn't called, nothing would have happened. They finally sent the first check. The half-way inspection and 2nd check disbursement went smoothly.

Now the job is finished and, of course, the contractor wants the rest of his money. I request a final inspection, which they say will be scheduled in 4-6 days. It doesn't happen. I look online and see that my inspection request has been cancelled.

What!!! I didn't cancel it. I call. They cancelled because they say they need yet another form from the insurance company.

Again, they hadn't requested it from me or the insurance company. While I'm on the phone, the rep call the insurance company and has what they need faxed in. Now they have the form, but it will take them 2 business days to process it. I schedule another inspection.

I check the status a few days later and the date I scheduled the inspection (the 18th) had been changed to the 22nd. So they pushed the inspection even farther out. The inspection finally got done. Still waiting to see if they mail the check promptly.

On the good side, every rep I talked with was very helpful. But dealing with this company was a big pain.


they have held my insurance check for over 2 12 years now .How is this possible?

Hollywood, Florida, United States #1340467

Nationstar needs to be reported for not only theft but for scamming their customers. This company is holding over 20k of my insurance money from a house flood I had in Sept of 2016.

The representatives are compulsive liars that provide inaccurate information. Just like the above customer,Nationstar placed me in financial debt and I NEED MY MONEY!! I have been paying the contractor out of pocket. I am mentally and emotionally frustrated.

These people have been bulshitting me for months. I will report them to the BBB and file any federal complaint possible.

This is not a coincidence that this company is riping their customers off. It's an ongoing issue that needs to be rectified.

to D. HOLLYWOOD Denham Springs, Louisiana, United States #1347680

Did you ever get your money. We are having the same problem.

to Anonymous #1382791

Does anyone have a lawyer to file a class action?


Same here! Wild goose chases, unreturned phone calls, holding insurance funds for months. Filing a complaint with Atorney Generals Office!

Arlington, Texas, United States #1311513

Did this issue get resolved? I have had the same issue with them it has been over 2 year and they have not release my funds

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1304133

I am flooded I n the big flood in Louisiana. If you are interested in a class action suit please contact me.

Even if I get all funds I still want to go through with this. They have been retched to deal with. They still have 40 thousand after me inspected at 85% with only 20 thousand given so far.

Erica7sum Gmail. Let's talk.

Buford, Georgia, United States #1301274

I have been dealing with these people for over a year. sign this send that do this do that.

I have done everything they asked and I've gotten no results. I'm feeling that only Avenue noes is a lawsuit.

Buford, Georgia, United States #1301272

I am having this same problem and as a result I've been out on antidepressants.

Oakdale, Pennsylvania, United States #1283413

Have any of you received any funding? We are just now starting our claim and it is extensive.

I am concerned. I mailed in our information and I haven't hear anything.

I called to find out a week later to learn i didn't have all the right information. It was frustrating no one tried to contact me.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1276205

Please complain! Maybe this will help me get my check from Nationstar mortgage....still owed $30,000 and it has been 3 months and counting.....terrible experience.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1273723

The loss draft number they give you sends you to a call center in the Philippines - you have the right to request to be transferred to someone in the United States, and then work your way up the ladder to someone who can (and should!) help you. "Never take no from someone who doesn't have the authority to say yes" is the hard rule in this case.

Lexington Park, Maryland, United States #1261920

I am going through the exact thing with NationStar..U can't download the forms from their site that are needed for the claim loss packet....Three times they claim they have mailed packet...Then they promised they have faxed form info to contractor nothing is done... Absolutely horrific. Customer service from NATIONSTAR....How does the consumer comply with the protocol when the mortgage company won't comply with a claim loss packet request????


to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1269248

Please give me the phone number! they are refusing to give me my money!!!!!

Whitman, Massachusetts, United States #1244423

man i honestly feel for you they had a 8000$ insurance check they held it till i got a atterny they sent it, after 19 months. this case has been going on 3 years now we sent them demand letters 6 months ago we r defaulting them in court now ive paid on time 15 years not sure how but i owe more now than i did in 2001 Thieves

Greenville, South Carolina, United States #1197574

I had the same problem with Nationstar. My problem was with gutters and a new roof.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1194535

There should be laws to protect the consumer/homeowner from being jacked legged around by insurance companies and banks/finance companies over insurance damage to property that a home owner is current on payments, never been late one time on a single payment. American Family Insurance drags their feet for months making any payment, then writes a check with the home owners name and the finance company both.

Then the check has to be sent to Nationstar who delays returning the check. Nationstar violates their own procedures, by the check being less than the total amount requiring their approval/inspection. Nationstar delays returning the checks for the home owner can make repairs to his home. I've been involved in this vicious cycle between American Family and Nationstar for over 3 months now.

I've " never" been late on a single house payment in 10 years. I've never missed or been late on a insurance payment to American Family since I've been with them for over 5 years, " never" . Meanwhile, my home is in need of repairs, not a single repair has been made in 3 months. I refuse to spend a single cent of my money to make any repairs due to negligence and delay tactics from American Family Insurance company, and Nationstar mortgage or Nationstar mortgage LLC.

Loss Draft Correspondence one assurant way Springfield, Oh. 45505. Nationstar's Loss Draft Department will lie and say a check has been sent, when I can check the tracking # and see it has not been. They both might delay me now, but any chance I get to return the " favor" down the road I will.

I will delay signing off on the final repairs made, maybe until they sue me.

Then I will file a report to the State Department of Insurance on American Family. And I will see if I can include Nationstar Mortgage Loss Draft Dept., or check with an attorney about filing a lawsuit.

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