El Paso, Texas
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I'm a government employee and I'm currently in furlough. I have called three times to obtain some type of assistance from this darn company and always the same answer "at this time we currently do not have any such program".

Never in my life have I need help until today.

I explained to the customer service rep that I'm currently current with the mortgage and that I intend to pay once I receive my check but my words went out to the wind. This freakin customer rep told me that I had to be in default, so they can try and assist.

HORRIBLE Assistance just wanted to let the world know that they SUCK.

Don't do business with this freakin clowns.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I've never received a single iota of any sort of sympathy from any federal government agency at any time in my 7 decade life. Nothing but audits, penalties, interest due, tax payments (estimates at that) considered late if by one day, liens, endless time wasting incidents and paperwork while running a small business and making sure 9 other guys' taxes got paid (witheld) as well as double Social Security Tax ; all while following every OSHA rule and paying all state, county, and city government taxes.

Banks are no better.

They all got their money, no defaults. So now you guaranteed for life government unbending we-have-rules employees experience a few weeks of dearth of income ; welcome to the other half whose job it is to support all of you for enternity.


Why do you want to bash him about his work, he is venting about Nationstar, which is much worse at taking advantage of people so... quitcherbitchin…….