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I have my mortgage with Nation Star Mortgage. I do not live at the property, but have been doing repairs and remodeling to it slowly in order to rent it in the near future. I have gotten a couple of months behind, but have been in this place before and have worked with them always to sort out payment plans in the past. I last spoke to someone with the company around the end of February.

Now, out of nowhere, Nation Star paid a company to go and check on the house. They say they were only to take pictures. However, the individuals who went to the house must have been Judge Dread, as he deemed it as the judge and jury to be vacant and abandoned. They proceeded to break in the house, change a lock on the door and pour antifreeze down all the water pipes as well as shutting off the water supply. This is a winterization process, however, this was done the first week of April and I live in Louisiana. So, it's kind of late to winterize a house.

Nether Nation Star or the other company sees what was done as a problem. This is crazy and I really want to know my rights in this matter. I am rather un-nerved.

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We have slowly been moving out of our property for the last 3 wks and are not even in foreclosure yet. We visit the house daily to pick up mail and check the doors and windows.

Arrived yesterday to find they had done the same thing to our house. Broke in and "winterized" on top of helping themselves to a bunch of our things. When we called the mortgage co and the other co we were told all the pictures showed the items that were missing, so someone must have broke in after these people left and stole our things.

It is beyond disgusting. Losing our house is heartbreaking enough, but this is how they had to go about it.

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