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To whom it may concern, Nationstar is the most dishonest, thieving, scamming, so called company, in every sense of the word. I never got a straight answer.

I was on the phone for HOURS with this ripoff company. There are 100's of cheating strategies they use to get your money. I made my monthly payments ON TIME but was charged late fees constantly. My payment to Chase was due by the 16th of each month and with the transfer of my mortgage I have a written notice from Chase that NO TERMS will change.

Five times, I made my payment of $672. which the on line statement showed I owed. TWO times nationstar CHANGED my payment to over $1,300.00. My bank (of over 30 years) is now on the look out and will not accept a payment over $1000.00.

For 5 months I paid my mortgage online, on time for the $672. as stated on-line. To my shock I found that this deceitful excuse for a company was taking out close to $900. One of their disrespectful CSR's told me I owed more in escrow so they took my money from my payments.

I was never informed of any of the above. There are so many worse actions that I have had to go through and they are still changing my payments as they see fit. I would travel to tim-buck-two to give nationstar a taste of their own medicine.My name is Leslie Schero my loan # is 623093515. Address is 3625 Stonehaven Ct.

Orlando, FL 32817. Ph # 407-657-5611. One more tiny note.

Nationstar sent a boy to place sign in front of my home stating foreclosure. (MY PAYMENTS HAD ALL BEEN PAID) I have a written letter from a neighbor's friend who said the boy told him my home was ready to sell.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Mortgage.

Reason of review: more problems than I can choose..

Preferred solution: Get my payment back to the REAL, HONEST payment of approximately $685.00.

Nationstar Mortgage Cons: All of below plus more.

  • Runaround
  • Predator Companies
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