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We had the misfortune of opening a claim for a broken pipe which severely damaged our kitchen and bath... the insurance company was easy enough to work with, but Mr Cooper has been a NIGHTMARE in both communicating with us and with releasing the funds from our insurance claim to us.

We have had to borrow money from family members and charge the materials and repairs on credit cards (accumulating interest charges). We have had to live with the damages in our home for the past 7 months, and had no working kitchen for 2 of those months! Some of the funds they are holding were negotiated with our insurance company to compensate us for having to relocate during part of this process, but Mr. Cooper does not recognize those expenses either.

Apparently they do not understand the concept of the homeowner acting as the general contractor, and they want a W-9 and waiver of lien from the general contractor... and every single time I call I have to re-explain that we do not have a GC. Finally they said they would release the funds as we pay them out, we just need to submit proof of payment. Every time you upload documents and follow up with a call they tell you to call back in 3 to 5 days to check the status.

Then they told us that no that was incorrect, they will not release funds that we have out of pocket we have to wait until the work is 100% complete and request an inspection. It took us 2 full weeks to get the person who schedules the inspections to call us back to make the appointment. We asked for a supervisor, was told one would call us back within 24 hours. 48 hours later and no call so we have to call yet again.

Same thing, supervisor will call you back within 24 hours... still no call the next day. Call #3 to ask for a supervisor and said put me on hold and get one this time... finally the rep came back (not the supervisor, never did speak to him) and said the supervisor was on the other line trying to get answers from the inspection office.

Gave us the direct phone for the inspection people (so WE have to make the call to keep bugging them for our appointment). Inspection office finally called and sent their inspector last week and he signed off that our repairs are 100% complete, but we hear NOTHING from Mr Cooper yet on the release of our funds. I call and get yet another different representative who tells me yet another different bit of info than the last 8 reps have. Apparently the last rep that told me the funds would be automatically released when the inspection was approved was wrong, we were supposed to call to request the funds be released...

he said they are an inbound call center only. So basically what they are telling me is that we have to call to prompt every single action taken by Mr. Cooper? If I didn't call you were just going to hold our $17,000 check indefinitely?

And to top it off, he asked about the W9 and waiver paperwork AGAIN. Had to re-explain AGAIN that we are acting as the general contractor as the homeowner. Yup, he says call back again in another 3 to 5 business days to see when our check will be cut! I would refinance through a different lender, but am afraid we will get sold back to Mr Cooper anyway since you really have no control over who holds your mortgage.

If you have a choice - avoid Nationstar / Mr. Cooper! And just to give a little more perspective... our remaining mortgage balance is only about $60,000 and the house is now appraising at $250,000.

There is no reason why they should be this worried about these repairs being completed - we could sell it without the kitchen and bathroom done and still get enough to cover what we owe on this home! This company does not care one bit about their customers.

They are in no hurry to send us our funds even with proof of 100% completion of the repairs... and this has not only been a huge burden on us financially but the amount of time we have had to spend making phone calls has been ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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A living nightmare every single day!

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