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Horrible Customer Service

Unfortunately for me, I am one of the CitiMortgage customers who had their mortgage sold to NationStar this past summer, and then they changed their name to Mr. Cooper... and by the looks of their online reviews are headed for another name change.

This past summer, I contacted Mr Cooper's customer service via secure email on their website to request paperwork to initiate a loan assumption as the result of a divorce. Other than an automated email response acknowledging receipt of my request, I heard nothing for over a month.

I had to call and email customer service multiple times over the course of next month to eventually get someone who would follow through on emailing the forms necessary to initiate the loan assumption process.

I completed the forms and returned them to Mr Cooper via their secure email on 11/1/2018. I heard nothing for the next 5 weeks.

On 12/12/2018 I called to inquire about the status of my file. Customer service was unable to provide any helpful information. They couldn't tell me if the file had been reviewed or even assigned to a client rep. I was told "it takes 60 days to be processed into their work queue."

On 1/17/2019 I telephoned customer service again (77 days and counting) to inquire on my file's status. Again, they could not provide any helpful information other than a note on the screen referencing my call from 12/12/2018. When I asked if my file had been assigned to a client rep they said "it sometimes can take up to 90 days."

We had multiple properties with different lenders, and except for Mr. Cooper, we completely settled the properties within 60 days of our initial applications.

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Same experience for me, still not resolved nor have received the packet they said they would email me about 3 weeks ago. Whish my loan hadn't been sold to them........


very true they did the same with me trying to make my life difficult and customer service don't care and the original whom i talk josephine Ingramham tell me she will take care but it's getting worse thanks to unprofecianal people