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Nationstar is now Mr Cooper. Read my review of Mr Cooper sometime ...

Original review posted by user Dec 28, 2016

I have been a Nationstar Mortgage client for several years. I went online to make my mortgage payment today, as I have done for the past few years, and they are asking for my full Social Security number?

Has their site been hacked? Why are they asking for my 9 digit SS#, before they will let me in to make my Jan 2017 mortgage payment? It first just asks for the last 4 of my SS#, but when I enter the last 4, it then asks for all 9 digets of my SS# ...

Since they obviously already have my SS#, why do they want me to re-enter it? Are they afraid that someone else might make my mortgage payment for me???

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Customer Care.

Reason of review: They want my full SS#.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Nationstar Mortgage Cons: Not give out my entire ss number will give nationstar my last 4.

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HELLO, I'm Carol. I Can never get straight answers why my escrow is always short.

I was with Bank Of America in the begining then GreenTree, now Ditech. 2018 I continued to ask for something in writting reflecting the short, they Ditech keep telling me its in the mail. Never got it. They took upon themself to borrow the amount short and when I knew was when it was posted to my account.

I Really have to Pray B4 calling this company. I filed a claim and was told I had to do a list of repairs B4 they would honor my request. The sad part they still did nothing.

Waited forever to inform me it wasn't covered. Everything this day is ALL about GREED the ($$$$).


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The clock will tick, YOU will only

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Thanks for the heads up


Same. I wont enter my full ssn for verification purposes.

When you call them they only ask for the last 4.

Why should a public facing webserver be any different? They will have to just accept paper billing from here on out till they fix that.


Their representative told me that I could not access my account online without entering full social security but don't worry, it's encrypted. I told them I would not and if that was the only option than they needed to change my account preferences to mail me statements every month and I'll pay via my bank. For me, it's not a chance I am willing to take, I won't enter full social online, so their new online site will be costing them postage every month.


Exactly! Two years ago, they sent out a letter asking us to enter our full s.s.#, signed and retured !

Then a few days later, they sent another letter telling people "NOT TO REPLY to such request !"WTF !?

I will do exactly the same asking them to send out paper statement and use bill pay service through my bank ! Worst company I have ever dealt with !!!


I agree


Same problem in December and again in January. Initially I was told they were going to correct the website to only request the lad four digits of the ss# and the update would take a few days.

They took the payment by phone and waived the fee. The same thing happened in January.

This time I was told they would told they would place me on a list requesting an exception from entering the ss#. They are suppose to call me back to let me know it the exception is approved.


Same thing. I've been with them for a few years now and them asking for full security number is not an option for me. they can verify the account in a lot of other different ways.


same thing here my friend all of a sudden they want my full ssn over the internet I have visiously argued with them I will not put my ssn out over the internet, I made payments by phone two times now, they were suppose to email me confirmation emails never did I think there hacked, they are the only lender that wants full ssn I will never put my full ssn out on internet they wont even let you talk to supervisor very suspicious then not send confirmation email not good, its wrong


I called to ask them the same thing and they waived the processing fee and made the payment for me. Is this a possible class action lawsuit, if it's not fixed?

They should not be asking for all 9 digits.

Funny thing is when I called they only needed the last 4 digits. Hopefully they will have this fixed by February's payment.


I am not entering my SS#. I have a user name and password.

I will be calling the Attorney General.

If they want my SS# they can look at their records. If they want to verify my identity they have lots of other ways to do that.


Has anyone gave the info and just entered?


Has anyone completed the questions and entered their website. Please let me know as there is no other option.

Just wanted to know your solution. Please reply Guys.'


They are doing the same thing to me. This company is full on incompetence, I experienced it first hand when I refinanced through them.


Same problem. I know Nationstar has my social but I have no desire to type it in online.

I called and spoke to a representative who kept telling me "You just have to do it one time." I could not make him understand concerns of identity theft. I asked to speak to someone above him several times before he agreed to transfer me, but then he hung up on me.

I'm pissed. Time to look into refinancing with another company, I guess.


So disgusted.


It did the same thing to me. Looking to see if this is legit.


Don't know if the sites been hacked but trust me Nationstar have all our social security numbers. Asking for the last 4 digits is pushing it but not that far off.

I won't give them my entire SS number, they should tell me what they have and I will confirm if they have the right number. I am going to call them and confirm that this is by their request. If it is I am9 going to ask them to remove the request for the entire SS number and replace it with a request for the last 4 digits. If they refuse I suggest to call the Attorney General in your state (I have done this before with quick results) and tell them about a possible scam to force you to pay by phone.

Imagine the thousands they would rake in if this is their scam....and it is illegal. If they want to continue to do business in your state, tell them this is what you will do if they give you no choice.


I found the same thing today. Every "contact us" link I tried to click brought me back to the same page asking for my SSN.

Not gonna happen.

I sent them a Facebook message (the only way it seems I could get a rep). We'll see what happens.