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I did a loan modification on my home and was approved in June. I was told that I had a "Dedicated Loan Specialist" named Derrick Markray to handle my modification.

I received an email from Derrick at the beginning of June stating that my modification had been approved and it would go into effect July 1st. He also told me he would send me paperwork in the mail which I would need to sign and return. I never received the paperwork. I emailed him on June 26th about the paperwork and no response.

I called Nationstar on June 29th and a Representative told me that there is no paperwork and everything is fine with the modification. When I went to make my payment online at the beginning of July it still showed my old loan amount so I just paid the modification amount. I emailed Derrick on July 6th because I wanted to make sure that everything was okay with the modification because I didn't want to be penalized for not paying the old amount. He sent me an email and asked for my loan number.

I provided it to him and "shockingly" no response again. I called Nationstar today and asked to speak to a Supervisor. The Representative "Cassandra" asked me could she help me with something and I told her that I preferred to speak to a Supervisor about my situation. She put me on hold and the line just happened to get disconnected.

I called back and spoke to another Representative "Ilesha or Alicia" and again asked for a Supervisor. She asked what I needed and I told her. She than said she could go over my account with me and did. I have several issues with the whole situation.

1. How can you have a "dedicated loan specialist" when they don't even respond to you? I have had minimum contacted with my supposedly "dedicated specialist" since the whole process started. He doesn't respond to emails at all and when he does it's very short and he doesn't answer any of my questions.

2. When a person calls and asks to speak to a Supervisor they should be able to speak to one. It's like they do anything and everything they can to not put a Supervisor on the phone. I'm sure they can help me but if I've said I have already talked to a Representative and would like to speak to someone higher up than I should have been able to.

This whole experience has not been a good one. I already felt a certain way about Nationstar but this just put the icing on the cake.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I've had the same issues! Dedicated loan specialist JEFF Vinson who never responds, documents that were never sent. Hate this company.