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Latest update My house was posted on a Real Estate Company website clearly an I printed it off website said Lender has acquired Forclosure property. Lender is selling for 56K mind you they said my balance payoff was 139K.

A lady called to purchase. She was told not it goes on Auction Sat. thru Tues. you have to bid on it, now it didn't say that on real estate site.

But Give you 1 guess who owns the Auction? You guessed right if you said NATIONSTAR aka MR COPPER! So i can only say by research Several states, CA, NY, AL, MA, PA have either reprimanded an fined them heavily or has class action lawsuit against Them!

From all states we need 2 ban 2 gether an have a lawyer make a major suit an the goverment needs to step in. They need 2 help us an we need help each other!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Mortgage.

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My loan just got sold to them in 2018 and they failed to pay my home owners insurance this month. After multiple phone calls, I just paid it myself. What is the point of escrow account?


They a trying to steal my home the same way in Illinois, we had a buyer ready to pay $108,000 on a short sale, and we only owed $110,000 on the house, they dragged this for 9 months now, then the negotiator David in Lewisville TX, came up with us coming to the table with $5,400 before he will discuss the terms of the short sale, he knew I didn't have that kind of money, he immediately started the foreclosure process. The house will not sell for $60,000 in the foreclosure process.

They seem to be more interested in the foreclosure than helping consumers. If a class action lawsuit is filled, I'm going to be part of it; I have all my correspondence back and forth for the past ten months.


We had the same thing! They turned down our short sale offer.

So then we had to pull it off the market and start a deed in lieu of application. Which has taken 8 more months only to have them say FHA denied it. We jumped through every hoop they put out.

The house goes up for auction August 8th. They left us no options


They’re trying to take our home the same way!!!! How do we get a class action going? Let’s do this