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They bought out my loan and in my original loan I paid my own taxes and homeowners’ insurance. I always used my tax refund.

The forced it on me and when my payment went from $900 to $1300.00 it became a struggle. I requested it to be removed as I did not ask nor won't it on my payments. I was turned down. As I struggled I finally had all the money to catch up my payments and I was told that night, they were sorry they could not accept my payment I would have to speak with the foreclosure attorney, he would be in touch.

I was told I was offered a loan modification and since I didn't respond in time It was no longer available. I ask how that was offered they said by email! YOU send something that important by EMAIL! SPAM MAIL ever cross your mind!

Of course, and when you offered that I could apply again for the modification, I never applied the 1st time! However, I got an offer, but when I applied for it I was turned down. I tried to get the Chapter 13 route and they wanted to raise my payment to 1800.00 Now if I can't make $1300?? The crazy is that the court was only going to send Nationstar $250.00 a month and they was accepting!!!

I was willing to pay my $900 and NO ONE WOULD TALK TO ME! I got letters of who was my account specialist every other week it changed. SO, to no avail I waited to work this out and no such luck! My disabled 76-year stroke victim mother and my disabled self now have to figure out where we will go with our horses and dogs and cats along with 20 years of accumulation of stuff there not counting 20 years, we brought with us when I bought the farm.

Along with the lingering memory of my only child who picked this property, was killed on this property. I must now leave it all behind.

Isn't there anyone to take a class action lawsuit out and stop this company from ruining lives! WE didn't ask for this when we bought our dream homes this company was forced upon us when they bought out our loans!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Loan Modification.

Reason of review: see above.

Monetary Loss: $179000.

Preferred solution: come to a resolution with me.

  • Mortgage Company Corrupt
  • Unethical Foreclosures
  • Liars Cheaters And Home Stealers
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Nationstar/Mr Cooper not only do they misrepresent themselves but they are profit driven has turned them greedy and uncaring criminals.


I have very similar experience. I agree. Why won't a law firm take cases like our to court.


i certainly hope it doesn't happen to anyone else. They always say "Banks want you to say in your house!

Their not in the realestate biz!

Guess they never met NationStar! If that wasn true they wouldn't own the Auction Company!;


I'm scared this will happen to us too. Omg.


Wow I'm scared this is going to happen to us now.

@Tisha Scholes

How did you make out cause I am in the same situation?