Parsippany, New Jersey

I have attempted ten time to get the eluive loan modification, only to be told that the owner, bank of new york, mellon did not participate in loan mod. and "we have to abide by their deciion (obviouly a letter i not working on my keyboard I wrote to the "owner" and aked,m why not?

they wrote me back telling me that they do not own my loan and have no right with regard to modifying or dipoing (forecloing on my loan, a ervicer, it i up to nationtar to modify my interet rate. they lied and are continuing to lie to thi day!!!! I wrote them a demand to know, or validate the debt letter and when I poke with a rep. they promied me the real owner name by July 27th, in the meantime, however, I got another rep to tell me the true owner,

D-P or omething like that, and he provided me with their phone number, which I immediately called, and gue who anwered the phone??

That' right, it wa Nationtar!!!! How tupid are thee people??? How abuive can they continue to be, the jut keep telling lie and lie and I would love to join a cla action uit, aap!!! can omeone e-mail the detail at, nevermind, the letter not working on my computer i in my e-mail addre.

o if omeone could call me at 973-five88-4xix17 I would be much appreciative. thank you!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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