To all Nations Star Mortgage Company borrowers.

This has to be the worst experience since the selling off from Bank of America to Nations Star Mortgage Company

It all started shortly after i received an e-mail survey from Bank Of America. I usually don't do survey often, but wanted to say how please i was with my mortgage service with Bank Of America. Little did i know the change that was about happen.

I had planned to list my home and did the beginning of may 2013. Therefore didn't want to bother signing up on online with Nations Star mortgage Company. I contacted them by phone to make my first payment after 10 days of waiting for the welcome package. Made the payment no problem was not changed a late fee because it was not my fault welcome package not received.

The next issue was getting a closing balance as my house sold and was closing June 7th. Not a problem until the buyers for my home fell through. In the mean time I had a backup buyer now the problem begins getting a payoff balance. After many attempts by my closing agent Nations Star Mortgage Company denied them a payoff balance. I decided to take matters in my own hands because closing date was fast approaching. After many phone calls and finally able to talk to a manager They claimed because the paper work letter head from the closing agent didn't match with the previous closing agent co. What a bunch of *** it was the same company.

I was told they would try to put it through but would take 24 to 48 hrs. I told them i needed it sooner they said it takes that long because from where they were sending information from the Philippines. I told them that wasn't my problem and I needed it sooner. I was so upset I wanted to call local Channel 2 news. Thankful to find a phone number in the U.S.A, I called being told as soon as they got the information with a closing balance i would be notified. Guess what my closing is in the morning and still no payoff balance. Hopefully something to come in the early morning otherwise my house wont close tomorrow and will screw up the house I'm trying to buy the following day. I would never recommend them for a Mortgage company to anyone.

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