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my loan was bought by nationstar a couple years ago and i did a loan mod jan of 2014. about fall of 2014 i started recieving calls from nationstar saying we need to re sign some of our paperwork. this sounded odd to me so i asked as many questions as i could and kinda dragged my feet a bit. by spring they were calling every other day and sending people to the door. they started to pressure me on the phone by saying this is a leagal matter and i needed to get it done . they offered a 150 dollar gift card and to send a notary to the house at no charge to me. i called a few lawyers to pick their brain but didnt really get anywhere. nationstar assured me over the phone that absolutly nothing in the loan agreement would change . not interest rate or terms or loan amount.

The day came when the notary showed up at the house . my wife and i sat down to sign, after my first signature the notary said that my signature would not work and i would have to change it. after a small arguement and a call to a local lawyer i decided to comply . after signing all the paperwork the notary scouped everything up and closed it in a briefcase i asked for my copy and she said she couldnt give me a copy and that it would be mailed to me .

two weeks later my statement came in the mail and it showed a payment due almost 100 dollars higher than i had been paying. in the next several weeks i made many calls to nationstar asking why my payment went up . i was regularly put on hold sometimes for 25 minutes or tranfered or both. finally i was told it was due to my escrow account. a man in escrow told me my taxes had gone up . i called the county to ask if my taxes had indeed doubled and they said no they havnt gone up at all and not due for review for three months . so i called nationstar again and told them this . the reply was oh im sorry it wasnt taxes it was insurance . so i called insurance asking why my ins. payment tripled they assured me they havnt gone up, but may infact go up this next year by 3 to 5 dollars .

i refused to pay the higher payment untill i could get an honest answer. i never got one so i hired a lawyer . the lawyer told me it was a real pain in the *** to deal with them but my increase was due to the escrow account . now i am 4 months overdue and nationstar has added almost 3000 dollars in leagal fees and late fees and my house is in foreclosure . i am spiting mad and suppose i will have to suck it up and figure out how to get the balance paid real soon so i dont loose the house and pay the extra almost 100 every month because they tell me to .

in conclusion i understand that escrow accounts go up sometimes because of increases but if it cant be explained to me its very difficult to just go along . money is tight and i dont have much extra but i guess the lesson learned is when big coorporate or big gov. for that matter say jump, i need to just ask how high. btw im in a 30 year fixed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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