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Nation Star purchased my loan(s) when GMAC Mortgage discontinued doing mortgage loans.

To say that my life has been *** since they took over my loan, is an understatement. This company has made so many mistakes until they have totally changed the standard and lowered the "Bar" to the ground.

You can rarely, if ever, speak to any supervisor or manager when the lower level staff can't seem to provide the needed service. If you happen to get to speak with a manager, you get politeness, but not necessary problem resolution. I was given to direct numbers to managers and they NEVER answered their phones, nor returned a phone call. Can't figure out why they ask you to leave a message.

I tried calling them when an overnight payment had not been processed. After two days of calling I finally got to speak with a supervisor who told me that they had actually shut down the office where I had been told to send the over night payment. I NEVER received any information in the mail stating that they had changed ANY addresses; therefore, I sent the payment to the address of record. Needless to say, the payment was returned to me and the chase of finding someone inside to address the issue lasted for three days. Finally spoke with a person in customer service who seemed to have a lot of difficulty resolving the issue and accepting the payment. Not sure that the issue has been resolved and won't know

for sure until the next statement comes in the mail.

I find the people to be courteous, just not very efficient or knowledgeable. Never have had so many problems with a mortgage company before. I am betting that the CEO makes millions for running such an inefficient operation. I will remain hopeful and or pray that they sell my loan to a more competent company. NO ONE deserves the headache that Nation Star gives its customers.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of nationstar mortgage loan. Nationstar Mortgage needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Matawan, New Jersey, United States #1203038

My family dealt with the same thing when bank of america sold the mortgage to nationstar. Unfortunately, they lost the battle to nationstar and the house was foreclosed on because the constantly raised the payments. Try get your stuff transferred to another lender asap.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1202680

I'm in the same boat

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