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MY loan bank FLAGSTAR Whom we gave 38,000 in cash and acquired a loan of137,000 for an 1,100 ft home. High enough...

but the real problems began when my son-in-law was transferred by the Federal government from Florida to Michigan. A request for mortgage assistance was requested. He was told that they were a collection company not a mortgage company. When ask how to contact the mortgage company, they said they did not know and hung up.

So after 8 years of not missing a single payment he stopped the payments for two months and finally the mortgage company called about foreclosing on the property. Weel sorry now you are not elegable for a request for mortgage, you can refinance but at a higher rate or we can foreclose on the property. stopped all payments again. ended up with a deed-in-lieu of and they still lied when they said nothing would be placed on the credit report.

30 years of an 800 credit score down the drain. never missed a single payment on anything until Nationstar started collecting homes to sell at todays rates...They have always acted as a collection agency not a mortgage company.

and the government gave them my tax dollars to steal my home with. Disabled Vietnam vet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Refinance.

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Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1039778

Hi there, I am sorry to hear you have been victim of Nationstar. I have been dealing with them for 5 years, please give me a call I saved my home and you can too.

I can get you to the help that is needed because with Nationstar no one can break through their walls. I found someone that did for me and trust me he is amazing. Wouldnt it be nice to find a firm that cares about you its not all about the money? I did he calls the mortgage companies/banks/lenders on your behalf finds out what the problem is and then makes a strategic plan with you free of charge.

AFter you discuss the plan, find out what they are doing and how to move forward only then will you sign up and discuss payment.

He is very affordable and does mothly payments.

HE has found so many counts of fraud and is amazing at accounting, and litigation. Please call me I will get you his info.

360-801-7763 or 360-271-1813

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