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This company is run like the mafia. I received a letter in the mail from NS in July 2015, that had three of my un-cashed mortgage payments from April 2015, May 2015, June 2015, with a letter telling me my account was in suspense because I missed a payment in November 2014.

And they want to get me into a loan modification. I was denied a loan modification for reasons that make zero sense. But they tell me if I pay like twenty grand in late fee's and penalties they will reinstate my I am part of two class action lawsuits against them.

Wells Fargo just lost a lawsuit because of unscrupulous practices for 22 million. Ocwen is on the *** of being shut down because of tricking consumers into buying unnecessary insurance. I call Massachusetts State Attorneys General's office and the attorney I spoke with said, "we know all about Nationstar, nothing but a bunch of racketeers." One employee I spoke with at Nationstar told me that they have their fax machine hooked up with a paper shredder, which explains why I had to re-send my paperwork 3 times. An incredibly poorly run company, breaking all kind of laws.

I hired a foreclosure attorney and when I went over everything with him, he didn't know where to begin because so many laws were broken and I have evidence from an email one of their employee's sent me saying "we would never send back 3 mortgage payments," I have the letter they sent me with my 3 un-cashed checks.

And the fraudulent appraisal they gave my home, I'd love to see how they came up with that number. Just a nightmare, call and complain to everyone, BBB, Attorney General's, state, senate, everyone...Good Luck

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Loan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Huntingdon, Tennessee, United States #1065075

OMG!!!! Call me I can help you I have someone representing me that knows everything about mortgage fraud.

He will call Nationstar on your behalf for free. HE will break down all the accounting, look at everything, and makes them anser up to all the negligence on these loans.

Ocwen is another Mortgage Servicer that is worse than Nationstar.


Anyone who reads my comments feel free to call me it can be any servicer, bank, or trust. He knows all about these with over 25 years fighting these bandits.

I will get you in contact with him and he will call your servicer free of charge. Then call you back with a strategic plan of action to save your home and get you out of trouble.

Read my review "Nationstar will remember me " on this site

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1064067

(Your complaint states that "Ocwen is on the *** of being shut down because ....". My (dumb) question is -- what the heck is Ocwen??

to RJ Huntingdon, Tennessee, United States #1065076

Ocwen is a mortgage servicer that plays very dirty. They obtain loans, with no proof of ever being on them or having rights too. They railroad foreclosures give very little warning to homeowners out take their homes!!!

to RJ #1071672

Ocwen is another service provider of Mortgages. They have lost numerous lawsuits within the last few months, and a judge has ordered they reimburse consumers who they tricked into buying insurance (from a company Ocwen owns) the cost of the lawsuit cost Ocwen about 200 million, which is nothing to these companies that are woth hundreds of billions. Good luck

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