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Guys, this is one of their numerous discriminatory lending acts. They know you won't put your info online and it is going to make you delinqeunt in your payments and/or charge you another fee for banking on phone.

However, you will not be notified until your payment is late and you are charged late fees to your account. This keeps their lending rates up so that you will not get a better refinance rate or a new loan refinance at all if you do not comply. Not only that, I had my house that I lived in for 28 years, foreclosed on because of their coniving ways. I also had my identity stolen and sold to a mexican mafia gang, in Dallas, during that time.

Coincidence? I do not think so! Have no way of proving it though. So, I say BEWARE!!!!!

I lost everything! Including my sanity and suffer from many mental problems now due to their mental anguish during that time. The time frame is vague,but I believe all this went down for about 4-5 years, from 2004- 2009. My house got foreclosed on in 2010, after repeated discriminations and harrassments and lie after lie after lie from their poor staff.

You never get the same person on the phone, even though you are given a certain person and "special phone number to contact that person directly. You will always have to repeat your issues each and every time you call and also give the same details and ID demographics over and over oand over again, only to be given the same runaround and no resolve. The SS# was one of their little tactics to stall your payments and make you late or charge added fees. Find another lending agency and get out of this company as fast as you can!!!!!

God Bless All of you and anyone who deals with this sorry company. I pray a lawsuit comes upon them and We can all regain a little dignity and restitution for the mental anguish and losses I endured, as well, as many others.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Loan Refinance.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $250000.

Nationstar Mortgage Pros: Fraudulent predatory company.

Nationstar Mortgage Cons: Steal your money take your home make phony statements.

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My home was paid for and these jackals used identity fraud to tKe my home and bank accounts


They wouldnt tell uou your payment was late? They call me 3 times a day starting on the morning of the 1st all the way to the 10th when I have made long term arrangements as my day to pay them... I WISH they would abstain from notifying me!


I'm sorry for all of your pain and anguish. Losing your home is just awful.

I'm afraid you may have brought it on yourself by attempting to conduct business via the telephone and other sloppy actions. Until you learn the proper methods of conducting business including contracts, record keeping, documentation and the like you will simply be a lamb for slaughter.


None of what happened to this poor man is his fault. I have had to deal with Nationstar Mortgage AKA White Collar Criminals for almost 6 years now and have had nothing but problems.

They have done so many unethical and illegal things to me that I have a 9 page letter of complaints against them with over 30 enclosures documenting every wrong they have done to me, including 'refinancing' my loan that they bought from First Horizon Home Loans, when they were supposed to do a' loan modification'.

They broke every Federal regulation pertaining to loan modifications, and every time I turn around they are doing something else wrong. Once they conveniently lost $1000 dollars of my mortgage payment and put the remainder amount in a forbearance account instead of applying my payment to my mortgage. I had to threaten to sue them to get them to find that $1000 and apply my payment.

I have had it with this incompetent, criminal company. I am filing a complaint with every government agency I can think of, including HUD discrimination dept. and President Trump. This company even instated PMI 5 years after I had been paying my mortgage and had never being late on a single payment.

They also tried to force a homeowners insurance policy on me even after I proved that my home was already insured with USAA. The reason they gave was that my policy wasn't enough to cover their interest in the property. They are so incompetent that they don't know how homeowners insurance works. It is not insured for what is owed, it is insured for the replacement cost.

I had to have USAA inform them on how it works.

I have a mortgage balance due of over $400,000, after paying on my home for almost 14 years, that I bought in 2003 for $375,000, partly because I kept getting put in an interest only loan when I first purchased my home, twice when I refinanced, and then because Nationstar didn't abide by the Federal guidelines for loan modifications, and tacked on all the fees they are not legally allowed to add, onto the back of my loan, and who knows what else they illegally added to my mortgage.

My mortgage payment has gone up three times since they took over and because they put me in a variable rate it will go up again this July, and again in a year.

And, they don't possess the note because I had the attorney I hired to negotiate my loan modification send a Qualified Written Request to produce a certified copy of the original note and assignment with notarized signatures and they could not produce it. If it is the last thing I do, I will bring this company down!


I agree with and also went through much of the same. Center was my original lender and Nationstar bought them out.

We owned our 4 acre ranch home,with mineral rights. It s family owned property that we purchased with cash and therefore never had a lender before Centex. The reason we was getting the loan was to do some upgrades, pay off some debts, and consolidate a couple vehicles. Instead of giving us a collateral loan, the rave us a first mortgage loan with an AMR.

The AMR was only supposed to be for 2 yrs, to prove credit, which we did. We had AAA credit, however, a few months into the contract, Nationstar took over. Then my husband got sick and passed away 9 months later. Both our names were on the contract, do I called Nationstar a week after he was laid to rest, so they could know what was going on and would like to have his name removed from the contract to make the transition easier.

Instead, I got a lady who informed me that she was sorry to tell me this news but that I was going to be penalized for being a widow!! Within 4 months, they started messing with my interest rates, putting ss# codes that I had to enter before making payments. When trying to contact someone, you never got the same person and Everytime you call, you had to go through the same demographics and explanation before you could even address the issues at hand. I was a full time x-ray tech for a country hospital.

3 Tech's total to manage entire hospital. I was off all weekdays, therefore they could have conducted business during those Mon-Friday hours, but instead insisted sound business while I was at work, on weekends! The mans name was John, who was my loan officer. A nightmare who even went as far as go 75 miles one way to try to get my step daughter to sign a paper not disputing my loan.

However, his persistence, on a weekend, to get job, made her suspicious so she would not sign his paper. This led me to having to have my husband's will probated. When I told John that it would take 90 days for the probate, it went ballistic on me! Told me" Lookin lady!

I've doesn't an entire month on you and us I don't have this turned in by the 1st of the month, I'm not going to get a paycheck!!! This conversation happened while I was at work running ER/trauma. All I could saywaas,well sir, you should have had more cases than mine. Silly you.

It's not my fault you're not going to have a paycheck, there is nothing I can do about it. That was the beginning of many nightmares and 2 jobs that i was fired from because is their harassment. There is so much more and I've still got all my paper work and am now strong enough to fight back with others who have had similar problems... I to paid my taxes and insurance separate, always had all my life.

One day I found I was getting noticed, but I was paying on, time. Found it they had used my payment to pay insurance, which I had already paid. There was 800.00 double payment and it took several weeks to get the money back to me from the insurance company in order to pay my loan payment. Then, without notice, they did the same thing 2 months letter, with n my taxes.

Keeping below par ratings keeps their interest rates rising and a negotiating tool against you when you try to refinance. They promised me I qualified for the Affordable Housing and so, being late on my odometers, which they made me do and didn't give acknowledgment their faults in any of this, pretending to be found me a favor with the Affordable Loan, which went IV for over 3 months zone due to their stalling and unreasonable demands for more and more documents, which I provided. However, in the meantime, they were telling me not to send a offence until the loan was finished because they were going to be lowered and any debts accrued during the process time would be waived or put on end note. Well, same stall tactics, neverspeaking to the same person twice,noone knowing what was going on or could confirm anything but yet they wouldn't take me payment and the next thing I Knew, I was in default and they declined my loan for taking too long, which was none my fault!

There is so much more, however, I've had severe social anxiety and depression, as well as multiple heart attacks. I've lost my radiology licence due to the mental stress they ensued on me, and I've been homeless as well as a renter to a horrible landlord, because my credit was taken away from me throughout all this. I mentioned I had my identity stolen during that time. Until the other day when I found this sight I would have never thought about Nationstar behind the ones who did it, but it makes perfect sense.

During that same time frame, which they were making people user thier entire ss#, I was also reluctant in giving that info out online or phone. However, if I wanted to post my bill, it was the only way they'd accept it. During that time 2 Dallas investigateors can't to my house and showed me pictures of 8 women, which wass part of a ring that they had raided. They said that the house they raided had stacks from floor to ceiling in every room, of names, numbers, and all addresses, by the hundreds if thousands.

Since I don't live in Dallas, nor do I do business there, and Nationstar was stationed out of Flower Mound, I believe it is possible they could have sold my identify. They are crooked and wouldn't pass anything but them. God, forgive me if I'm wrong on my identity, but if they are guilty, please expose them and shut them down.

May restitution be made to all the victims who suffered as I did. Amen


I kept very good books. Yes business was held over the phone, since their office was stationed 65 miles away from my home.

Nationstar bought out my original lender, Centex, which happened to be very conveniently located to me at the time. One of the reasons we went with Centex was beacuse of their convenint location. I am a very good bookkeeper and records keeper and I do not believe that any of that was held in my part as a responsibilty on my part, in this time and era of cell phones and computers. However, if you would like to place blame on me for being insubordinant in my business teransactions, so be it.

It would have been nice to be assigned to one loan officer or one person who knew what what was going on, instead of beeing passed around to the entire company. You can say what you will, but that is not good business practice. Well, I suppose it is for them, because they won. I lost.

I lost but am hoping I can save some one else from losing to *** lenders like these. Americans want the dream, these lenders want it all and they do not care who they take down in the process. They prey on the widowed, elderly, and whoever they can sucker into their web.

I just pray they get what they deserve. Karma is a ***


Im sorry about the miss spelled words. I was on my hpone typing, so before anyone wants to get down on me for my typographical errors, let me please apologize and tell you I am aware of them but unable to go back to edit.

I get a little excited and upset when I have torelive this time in my life. I was a grieving widow, to a man I was married to for 24 yrs..