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Agree, they are the worst. We've had mortgages on multiple houses and refinanced so dealt with many different servicing companies.

Nationstar is the absolute worst. Pathetic. We had a claim for hail damage that started a year ago. Painful process with them, we sent them the check from insurance 7 months ago, but every time you call, which of course takes 15 minutes to even get to a person, they claim they need something else, something that wasn't detailed on their letter, or something you already sent.

One call you're told everything is there, a check will be going out, and then when it doesn't come you call and lo and behold, they need something else. It seems like a scam to hold your check, meanwhile the contractor did the work so we need to pay him. We received zero interest from NS and they had the gall to charge 35 for an inspection once the work was done, which they automatically put on your loan so you can pay interest on it. 7 months just to get our check back, probably 15 different customer service people, most assuring they had what they needed, but no.

Asked to speak a manager more than once but for some reason they can never "find" one. They are the absolute worst. And they constantly send offers for refinancing as if we would ever do any further business with them. Never.

I'm tempted to sell the house just to end the relationship with them.


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I have to agree with you and your comment. I have been with Nationstar mortgage since 2009.

They reported to all three credit agencies my loan is no activity since 2011. I pay every month on time I hate them. Every time I call they tell you a pack of lies. I have paperwork in front of me that says otherwise.

You can never get them to send you anything.

My cred scores want go up. They know I'm going to refinance.

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