Heber Springs, Arkansas

Started in Feb. 2013, keep telling me need this, needed that and after mailing/faxing/emailing everything they asked for, was told repeatedly that the underwriters had it.

Found my home list for preforclosure action on the internet with a date of 6/4/13. Was told by NationStar that as long as underwriters were reviewing my app. it was put on hold. Attended auction and Nationstar started bid at 218000.00 and was the only bidder.

Rec. letter dated 6/5/13, that the UW were still reviewing and would answer by 7/5/13. Recieved cash for keys from Nationstar with a relinquish property by 8/1/13.

The misrepresentation from them me, my husband, my daughter and granddaughter are out of a home I have had for 24 years. Thanks to them I cannot even finace a mobile home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Mortgage.

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They have done the same to me. Only, they don't know I dont give in to ***.

I will fight this till the end, I will either have that sell void, my house back, or they will be out business.

My Kids and i are homeless do to their negligence. No one hurts my kids.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #751013

They did the same thing to me for a deed in lieu. Worst of the worst, I cannot believe they are not on the news for fraud.

French Camp, California, United States #681176

They are doing the same thing to me. You would think this would be illegal!

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