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This company purchased my mortgage from BOA. "Horrible" is the best word I can come up with about this company; this company is and was not prepared to take on any BOA Mortgages.

The website is un-functional for payments’; unless you want to pay $9.95 for speed pay any day after the date it is due...but it is delinquent 17 days after the due date via “snail mail”. Way to save paper! You need to follow suit of BOA there payment flexibility worked for its customers. Where it could be paid even 7 days after the due date and a fee would not be charged.....

Everyone does not get payed on the same scale as the government. (BTW, I HAD NO CHOICE OTHERWISE YOUR COMPANY WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ON MY TOP 100 MORTAGE LOANERS.) I have already sent an email voicing my concerns but received no response. I am to the point where I will repay the entire new mortgages fees for a refinance just so I do not have to deal with the company. I also did not receive any info saying I could not make a payment for Jun 2013 via BOA; I did set up a payment through BOA on 30 May for 07 Jun and did not get a response the payment would not be processed; I did get a missed called but no message.

So I called the number back and found out my payment was not received.....REALLY. Save any customer the grief…! .... And be ready before you take mass mortgages.

Do not screw people over because your site cannot take care of its customers; have some flexibility and no fee dates might be a good idea.

Keep in mind your customers did not choose you and will leave you for sure fact of being unconvinced. Feel free to contact me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $1127.

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Springfield, Missouri, United States #802201

This company is a subdivision of BoA. The Board members all worked for Bank of America at one point then got on with the buddy system and "purchased" all of these mortgages that BoA was trying to unload because you didn't have a perfect credit score.

At which point Nationstar then bleeds you dry of all the money they can, put you in an approved HARP program, and tells you not to pay until the process is finished, they will tell you you didn't get all your papers in, they didn't receive a package, something wasn't notorized even though it all was then they deny your loan modification and report to the credit bureau you missed a payment so you can't get a modification from anyone else. While they are stalling you on your loan modification they are actually putting your house up for auction and the day comes when the only person to show up at the auction was Nationstar. They then try take your house and give you a 30 cash for keys $1000 which you will never see because they send their lawyers in to say you wrongfully detained them from the property. So you not only don't get the relocation money, you are taken to court and end up owing them even more money after being bled dry.

Twit dobber1969 and I am filing a class action.

I have found over 5000 victims of this deceptive sales practice in violation of many laws. :(

to dobber1969 #976479

What happened with the class action? How can one be filed?


This has been much the same experience I've had with this company. Terrible service, unaddressed complaints, insane confusion surrounding posting payments. I'm trying to refi also, and will do anything to get away from Nationstar.

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