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A NationStar employee was parked illegally on my street, on an ATV trail for more than 30 minutes. She was filling out some paper work in her truck and though I rapped on her window and asked her to move, she simply stared at me as she rolled her window back up and returned to her paper work.

I called the cops but they did not show up in time to ticket her. Several people on ATV's were forced to drive AROUND her. There is a huge problem with cars parking in and around our yard to pick their children up from the elementary school across the street. This NationStar employee only exasperated the parking problem on my street, she was disrespectful and showed a flagrant disregard for the parking laws.

She was even parked right next to a NO PARKING sign! See the pictures. If you do not have a loan with NationStar good luck trying to complain about one of their employees. NationStar, like many mortgage companies hires people to go out and put those little yellow or green envelopes on doors of homes that are in danger of defaulting on loans.

Basically homes in or near foreclosure. She was planning on leaving one of those envelopes at my neighbors house but I guess she had some paper work to do first. It appears that she decided to make the ATV trail her temporary office even though it is illegal to park there. Are NationStar employees trained to break the law in order to post their envelopes?

Are they trained at all? What qualifications does one need to be an employee? Simply to own a vehicle and be able to write? I am sure the job is no fun and people probably want to rip your throat out but let's remember - we should not KILL the messenger.

They are just doing their jobs. But what happens when those employed by Nationstar do poor jobs or are disrespectful or even worse do something illegal? Who should one file a complaint with? If you think the answer is NationStar, think again!

Good luck trying to navigate their virtual labyrinth of a phone system. Even calling the number on their useless website that is labeled CUSTOMER SERVICE, gets you nowhere because if you have no loan then you are not a customer, so you do not owe them money ergo, you do not exist! What a perfect system, the only people Nationstar will ever speak with is customers - so what if WalMart did that? What if you hadn't purchased anything from WalMart but one of their delivery trucks ran over your foot?

Could WalMart just say, "Sorry but it doesn't count - it never really happened because you never purchased anything from us!' We all know that is a bunch of bureaucratic nonsense! So after being on the phone for more than two hours with 4 different customer representatives all who asked me for my loan number more than once and one disconnection, I finally got an email address and a number both of which are NOT listed on their useless website. I am going to give them out to you here today so you too can contact NationStar and complain. Please call or write and complain about anything and everything that you think is wrong with their company.

Their email is the longest, most retarded, convoluted and error-prone email I have ever seen a company use but here it is. You're welcome. Secret Customer Relations Email (Not found on website!) customerrelationsofficer@nationstarmail.com Secret Customer Relations Number (Not found on website!) 1-877-7837-480 Here is their useless website as well: https://www.nationstarmtg.com/ I am also posting the picture of the NationStar employee who illegally parked on the ATV trail on my street. Her license plate is clearly shown.

She may come knocking on your door one day and who knows maybe she will run over one of your kids, she obviously has no respect for the law. Note the white, No-Parking sign in the wide shot photo.

Really lady? Thanks for reading.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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