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In 2011, I sold my home in a short sale. The 2nd mortgage was through Bank of America.

The house sold, and BofA released the lien. However, Nationstar picked up the 2nd mortgage shortly after the house sold. They came after me in 2013, and at that point I spent a great deal of time collecting paperwork and sending them information showing the debt had been cancelled through the short sale. I received a letter from Nationstar in September of 2013 saying that the lien was released prior to the transfer date and that the account was updated and closed.

(They also wrote that they would not report to the credit bureaus.) I thought we were finished. However, in 2015, I started to receive certified mail from Nationstar asking for the debt. When I redirected them to their own letter, they stopped sending me mail. However, now I am doing a refinance to save interest on my new house, and my lender cant help me until Nationstar sends me a letter of deletion.

Ive been trying to get them to give me a letter of deletion for a month. I get the run around every time I call them, and talk to a new person every time who has no knowledge of my loan. They have lost four of my faxes and one email. They have kept me waiting on hold for 30 minutes at times, only to have the call dropped or to reroute me to where I began.

They have never been able to give me a manager or a supervisor. They are always NOT at their desk or on another line. (???) I have spent hours (and I truly mean hours) of my time trying to talk to someone who can solve my problem, only to end up where I began. To say Im stressed about this is an understatement.

Now my husbands car is damaged, and I need to buy a new one, but with my credit damaged by almost 100 points, I cant try to get a car loan until this is resolved. Please help me. From what I can see online, I am one of many hundreds who have been treated this way. I have spent money on faxes that were never received.

I have spent HOURS of my time waiting on hold, scanning, faxing, and emailing them. I am now a one car family because I dont want to get a loan for a new car until my credit goes back up (and Nationstar is what has damaged my credit…when they went away in 2013, my credit was good and we bought our current house. Now I cant even refinance my house until the derogatory information is removed from my credit.

(This is costing me approximately 250 a month in higher interest fees and higher PMI fees.) I am also incredibly stressed out and am taking time off work since I am a teacher and cant sit on hold during my business day. Please help me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Refinance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

Preferred solution: Letter of deletion; take all derogatory items off credit.

Nationstar Mortgage Cons: I despise debt collector statement, No follow through, Long wait time, Cant talk to a supervisor, Wont fix their mistake.

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He is awesome and if he can help you he will and is very reasonable.

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