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Nationstar Mortgage is the worse and most incompetent mortgage company we've ever had. When I paid my mortgage for January 1, 2016 I included an extra $100.00 to be applied towards paying down the principal and even noted this on my payment voucher but they put the $100.00 into a suspense account instead.

Although my next mortgage payment is not due until February 1st, 2016 and it states this on their website, I got a letter from them yesterday dated 12/29/15 which was 2 days AFTER posting my January 1, 2016 mortgage payment stating " the total amount required to bring this account current is $1,378.87. please remit the remaining amount due in order to complete a full payment owed." I even called Nationstar Mortgage at the end of December to express concern that the extra $100.00 sent and received by them on 12/27/15 had not been applied to pay down my principal and the person I spoke to told me when they processed my next voucher it would be applied to principal at that time which made no sense at all.

In addition, how can I owe them $1,378.87 when my next mortgage payment is not due until February 1st? So now when a person sends extra money to Nationstar Mortgage to pay down the principal it gets put into a suspense account instead?

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I am having the same issue with these people. It is absolutely absurd that they would steal money from their customer.

Benton, Arkansas, United States #1313059

Nationstar sucks!


Agree, Nationstar is pathetic. We've had several houses and refinanced many times so we've dealt with many serving companies.

They are far and away the worst we've had. We had a hail damage claim a year ago, and received a check 7 months ago which we sent to Nationstar for signing. The work has been done and the contractor would like to be paid. Although we've sent everything they asked, beginning a year ago, they keep adding things to it, things that weren't on their letter or that we've already sent.

In one call we're assured that's it, they'll send the check back, and when we don't get it we call again, which is a good 15 minutes just to get a person, and are told they need yet another document. 15 calls or more to date, and when we ask for the manager we're told they can't "find" one. It seems like a scam to keep your check, and of course they don't give you interest on it. Then they have the gall to add 35 for an inspection onto your mortgage.

And constantly send offers to refinance, as if I'd ever purposely do business with them.

I'm tempted to sell the house just to get out of the current relationship with them. They are the worst.


Nationstar Mortgage is the worse, I don't even know where to start.


Have been having the same issue for a year with them. They are the worst.

I'm considering getting a lawyer involved it's so bad. They just can't get it together no matter how much I call or explain things.

Donot use their equity acceleration program. They will take your money and not apply it on time or correctly

to Anonymous Washington, United States #1106054

I have Nationstar been battling them and Citi Mortgage for last 9 years!

They are incompetent and have no idea what they are doing.

They are very aggressive to the point where my paralegal ( who has more experience and passion to help homeowner than any lawyer/attorney I have encountered) is having his attorney in the office preparing my paperwork for litigation.

They think they are above the law and we all know they are not.

I feel for each and every one of you going through this!

My paralegal can help you contact me I will get you in touch with them.

If you want to know a little bit of what I have been through. Look at my review its titled "Nationstar Will Remember Me" Sept.29 top review 360-801-7763

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