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I am in my 2nd month of my 2nd trial period to do a loan modification and I keep getting calls from Nationstar 2 and 3 times daily and also emails--how can I get this harrassment to stop. Jackie Dionne, Whhitefield, N.H. 03598

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Place your name on the National Do Not Call Registry then send them a day validation letter and tell them not to respond to you anymore via phone calls cease-and-desist they can only contact you by writing. When they continue to call you every time they call you log the date and time when you can sue them in federal court for violating the fair debt collection practices act I have a friend that did it they have to pay between 1000 and $3,000 per car.

The way to get them is to hit them in their pockets. Call me if you get time at 708-953-7999 and I will forward you a form letter where you don't have to do anything but put your name and address and it has all of the state laws and everything already in place.


Call me we can get them to stop and really take a look at your trial plan. Most of the time they just come up with random numbers and it does not guarantee a modification, or the modification is way out in left field unreasonable!!!


Washington, United States #1048534

Jackie Call me asap!! I can help you, went through same thing its not good...



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