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As we all know. Mortgage loans get sold all the time. To me, the announcement from OCWAN that my loan had sold and to wait for new mortgagee document wasn't a surprise. I waited, and waited for a letter, a bill.etc

Without exaggerating. Over a year, I stressfully searched and try to trackdown my new mortgage. To my surprise, I received a order of sheriff sale on my property in feb, 2015. I then, found out Nationstar had my loan. I made the first contact. They acknokeged not sending mail, and had no respond as of, why?

I immedistely applied for a modification. Endless times submitting informations. One day they had everything. The next day they were missing a document. Each and every person was rude, careless, clueless, disorganized, heartless. after countless calls, and different stories from incompetent representatives. I lost my home to at sheriff sale. Later finding out the modification was never reviewed. I'm currently working with an attorney, and the bank that holds my second mortgage, that never forclosed because unlike Nstionstar, they sent out bills, and have been getting paid. This show how incompetent they're. Title wasn't pulled, as they weren't to sell if the second mortgage hadn't signed off on their lien.

I truly hope someone puts an end to this compamy, and makes them pay for so much harm they have inflicted to so many families. Losing a home is stressful, embarrassing, and the memories you have to leave behind because of their negligence are priceless. Specially to our children.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I will give you the name of a firm that can help you and not drain wallet. He is the best paralegal out there in my opinion and has most of his cases that are Nationstar.

They are going down and I am going to be a big part of it. Please call me 360-801-7763

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