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Awful company. My mortgage was sold to Nationstar by Bank of America.

I have been applying for a modification for years now. Paperwork disappears, customer service is horrible. Despite overnighting every single document they asked for numerous times, they still continue to deny me for missing papers. I have tried everything from putting post it notes on each piece of documentation explaining what it is proof of, to copying the letter that describes what you need and highlighting each section for each piece of documentation.

I don't know what else to do. Eventually I will lose my home because this company is useless.

Every month i get a letter stating that i have a new account specialist but i can never reach that person, when i speak to another representative they tell me that person no longer works there. How is this company getting away with this?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I lost my home during modification. 4/15/2015.

To Sherif sale. Want notified. I had to hunt them down after my loan was sold from Bank of America. They never notify me they had my loan.

Their excuse that my ex filed bk nsck in 2009. I never got a bill, a notice. Found them. Applied for modification, they put house for sale.

They then said it would stop due to modification review, and didn't.

Since I hsbe received two letters (never before) standing it's been brought to their attention that loan is delinquent. To contact foreclose department for modification assistance.

(After they sold mu Home)

Sadly, I'm homeless, with a sick daughter from all This stress she has become sick & depressed.

I can't afford an attorney.

Best luck to you!

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