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Due to being a robbery victim, which left me nearly pennyless, I fell behind on my house payments after 13 years of on-time payments. Nationstar mailed me a Mortgage Modification Agreement to stop foreclosure and keep my home.

I really had no choice but to sign it and I did, however i the fine print I agreed to a statement saying that, "I cannot now or in the foreseeable future afford my mortgage payment," and certified that I was in a financial hardship. The contract that I signed was one of 4 or 5 that were mailed to me and I copied and signed the documents 4 times from one package and notorized all at my expense, mailing them back to Nationstar and they lost all but one copy and kept mailing me and calling me saying they had not recieved anything. They finally located one and placed me on the modification, which only reduced my payment by $80.00 and after the second payment was made in the "probationarty period" I got to thinking if I was in such a hardship why is it my payment was onlt reduced $60.00 and I was signing an agreement that took my loan from a remaining 17 years to 40 years?! Ihand wrote them a letterand I got a phone call saying they would rewrite the document and mail me a new agreement to sign.

This is almost 7 months later and I have yet to recieve any document except another trial period modification offer! They suggested Ihad not begun this process already and wanted me to start over and make 3 more on time payments in order to be accected for a progra i was already accepted to months prior. Just last week I saw people taking pictures of my home and I got letters from companies that want tobuy my home and stop foreclosure! I did not even know any such process had begun!

Iam still waiting for the letter telling me my new, lower house payment! I don't think anyone there has a clue what was supposed to happen here and nowI have a real mess to contend with!

Iam going to call today and see again what Ican get done to fix this. The stress iseating me up and these people need to realize this is a person who very much is human and wants to keep his home!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Please call me there are so many people that are trying to hurt us homeowners, I was scammed twice then found a ligitimate firm that has rescued me and have done more that I coud ever hope for best part is they are affordable. We have been on one income and my home is saved plus found many counts of fraud and violations!!

You have no time to lose you can get info and its up to you what to do with it:)

360-801-7763 or 360-271-1813


Sorry for this.

A lot of banks border on criminal.

Advocate for change.

My theory.

Call and say that law enforcement is meeting me at your office to keep the peace.

Be careful not to threaten. Everyone is a domestic terrorist now days. Sounds like your bank is in breech of contract. Ask for their legal department.

Chances are the document you signed is invalid. Put them on the defensive.