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have been trying to sign onto my acct since 12/26 have used all info they have asked and site info comes back cant find loan or invalid pw or user name. called on 12/27 spoke to associate and informed nothing wrong with site.

other oeople having same problem from other comments. someone needs to advise whats going on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Website.

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The website used to ask for my zip code after login in. Now it is also asking for my full SSN which of course I will never give. Looks like phishing to me.


Same thing happened to us today. Starts off asking for last 4 digits, then changes to 9 digits.

No verisign or other indication that the number will be encrypted. Call customer support (not sure what country they are in) and the girl asked for our password. Alert! Alert!

number one thing that SPAM training says is the legitimate agent should NEVER ask for your account password. It looks like their website update last month totally screwed up the online payment, and others stopped getting their mailed bills so can't make payment that way. We were afraid that this company's website had been hacked and we were working with Russians posing as customer service.

They really need to get their act together. Are their any class actions we can join?