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Nationstar took over where Aurora Loans/Bank left off, in my second (re-filed) foreclosure. They and their attorney lied in court about the fact that all the parties were served in the case. This is because my husband is a party, and he's dead. (Since 2009, of cancer, at age 42). I'm a party, and they never served me. They actually never served my husband's old landlord (from his office) either, since the building was demolished -after they foreclosed on it.

The notice of service by publication was addressed to my late husband, in the Daily Legal News. A Paper which even most lawyers can't handle reading daily, since it's like reading the phone book pages. And who subscribes to that? I cancelled Vanity Fair, so for sure I'm not reading the Daily Legal News.

Anyway, even after all that, by the time I got wind of this, it was all over but the crying. They planned it that way. All of the paperwork was still addressed to my husband's post office box. Even though it had been closed for years. Well, now, after all this time, I continued to object, and fight, and just ask for a chance to have a normal day in court. I was ignored. Justice does not really exist the way you think that it should. And, with these people, they are going to do anything they have to do to win. They want your house, and they are going to get your house. And that's all there is to it.

The reason I was so eager for my day in court is because I never signed any note, or mortgage. I filed complaint after complaint about all of that. My name isn't even spelled right on the *** thing!

Do they care? NO. I just got an eviction notice from their law firm.

And, oh, they also told me, after it was too late to do anything, that it was U.S. Bank that owned the note and mortgage the whole time. Not even nationstar. They are only the servicer. I can't believe this lying, cheating, company, and the people who will rob their neighbors and destroy lives to make a buck. They all belong in jail.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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