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We need to contact all our representatives, senators, congressmen/congresswomen alike.

This is a listing of all the 1) US Senators, 2)US Representatives, 3) State Legislature, and don't forget the White House! Fax all of them a letter complaining about these mortgage lenders and loan servicing companies that are foreclosing on homeowners, collecting the insurance by use of unethical practices. The people need their representatives to "represent" them, "their" constituents, "the people" who voted them into office!

This is the White House's own "We the People - The White House" where you can write a petition. Be sure to post it here where other can see it. Post also to the following Nationstar complaint websites.

Lets create a petition and bust these companies! Read this and let's get this going nationwide. Enough already!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Mortgage.

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Nation star bank goal seems to be foreclose on all the loans purchased from BOA,,,,,, How is it that BOA assigned many of the mortgage loans to Well Fargo and Nation Star is working to liquidate the same loans by foreclosure..... Looks like Nation Star started collecting on the purchase before they signed off on the purchase?

to margo #990318

My mortgage was sold to NationStar from SpringLeaf in August of 2014. We went in to Spring Leaf to make our payment and that's when we found out that we no longer had any business with them.

They told us to contact NationStar because that is who they sold the mortgage to. We contacted them and they stated they didn't know a loan number to look up because they were still going through all the loans they acquired and to give them time to sort things out. We never received any welcome letter from them. What we got was a letter stating we owed over 1,000 for our payment because we were now late.

We only owed our last company a little under 500 as a payment. Then in September I was in an accident and out of work with a crushed leg so the bills were left for my husband to pay. We contacted NationStar several times but no one returned calls. This has gone on for several months and our late payments keep coming owing more money than we have.

So this past May we asked if we could do a loan remodification. Sent them all the paperwork they asked for. I finally got internet to check on the status and it said there was a document missing. So my husband took it to work with him and faxed it to them.

That night we were served forclosure papers for my house and land(land was not included in my original mortgage). I was hysterical crying. My father bought me my house before he passed away and I can't lose my house or land. We contacted Nation Star several times and no one returned our calls.

I called and left a message for Chris Dixon to contact me. He called my husband at work. My husband said we received foreclosure papers and Chris stated " He didn't understand how since there was no decision made on our loan modification as of yet". I called the courthouse to get an explanation of what was going on and was told that they couldn't say anything because they were the ones hearing the case.

I called NationStar back again and a woman told me that they couldn't foreclose because we were still in a loan remodification process.

I now have to have a meeting with a lawyer to see how I can save my house and land. Nation Star is the worst company I have ever had to deal with.

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