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Update by user Feb 19, 2018

I wrote this review and unfortunately had to change my number. 360-801-8025 rugergrl@hotmail.com

Original review posted by user Sep 29, 2015

My husband I have been dealing with the mortgage nightmare for 8 years now, all this time I knew something was wrong. We bought our house/property back in 2005 for $236,000. I had surgery lost my job and we struggled to survive. In 2007 our home was set to be auctioned off in 2 weeks Chapter 13 stopped the sale.Citi Mortgagewas not applying the $34,000 our trustee paid to our loan during our chapter 13 in 2007-2009. So when we dismissed it in 2009 Citi told us we were $25,000 behind. We were forced into a modification and by the time that was set we were at $253,000Flags went up immediately because how in the world could we owe that much, come to find out they never applied our payments to the current mortgage payment account.I called over and over 10 times a day not getting anywhere, and because we dismissed Chapter 13 I could not ask for help. Bankruptcy Department said you need to hire an attorney and have them call. I said why I have the ledger, bank statements, dates deposited how much so why do I need an attorney? Just fix the mistakes you made. They said I need to have an attorney call to fix it.I spent so much time looking for attorneys no one wanted to touch it, or they wanted thousands of dollars. It was hopeless. No one wanted to help me and I had all the proof to fix it, was all about the money not helping us save our home and have Citi fix the account.

Oct 2010 we got a letter from Citi that November 1 our loan was being transferred to Nationstar, I did the happy dance to get away from Citi was a dream come true... That dream soon was shatteredCiti had me in active foreclosure from 2009-2010 while in BK and Modification. Nationstar forced us in a loan modification right after they got it and now our mortgage went to $264,000 40 year loan.

Fast forward to today. Last September 2014 I get a letter saying we are behind and that we are in loss midigation . We were current but they were not applying payments.Like everyone on here I called got through but by end of call I was so mad I was just done and called back over and over they blocked my number to where I could not get through.

All these years we paid very high PMI and ESCROW to the point we were not going to be able to stay here, and that is when I called around for attorneys for help. I have 6 dogs and none of us are leaving this is our home, I will stay and fight til the end for my family.All I got was sorry not touching that case, we want $5,000 upfront because it is a real pain to go through accounting, lady you are nuts, crazy, maybe you should move since you cant pay your mortgage on time. That last comment did me in, and I felt hopeless and decided to see if other people were going through same thing. I spent days reading the forums on pissed consumer I then realized I was not alone.

I was scrolling and saw a line that changed my life. If you are facing foreclosure or need to file a Chapter 13 call and I went on site called right away.

This is how my life changed!!!!

I called and he listened to me ramble 10 years out of my head, I was an emotional mess.within a short time of the call he knew exactly what the problem was and was calling Nationstar free of charge. We talked made a gameplan and I hired him.He is a paralegal and the absolute best. I had someone that got it understood what was happening and said he could help me.He has spent countless hours on the phone with Nationstar, made complaints, sent demands and found a very large refund that is owed to us.

He has gone through all of my accounting records, escrow, and PMI.He found Many counts of Fraud, and theft, and there is more to be uncovered because now we are going after the other one that caused this whole mess!

I feel for each and every one of you that are living this nightmare, and I pray for you that have lost your homes. We all know that attorneys have their paralegals prepare their paperwork for all their cases, the paralegals go through accounting, records, all of it. and you are paying the attorney price for that.

I can 100% know and trust my paralegal to get the justice we deserve, he knows Nationstar games, how they are, the stalling, bait and switch, the trial payment that rarely ever is approved even after all payments made on time. There is about 40% of Nationstar clients in his offices and its growing at a rapid speed due to the Foreclosure Crisis.Call me I will get you all the information you need, time is ticking.Lets not let Nationstar take one more home or any other bank for that matter. If you are thinking about representing yourself in court dont do it you will lose!!!

Nationstar thinks they are untouchable!!! Well I promise they Will Remember ME who else cares to join me.

Call 360-801-7763


Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Nationstar Mortgage Cons: Fraudulant, Think they are untouchable.

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Belfair, Washington, United States #1222133

I am the author of this review, I changed my number due to better plan options. vMy old number was 360-801-7763 If you need to reach me call 360-801-8025.

Kingman, Arizona, United States #1136865

Why can't we start a class action. Lawsuite against these crooks, why should we have to pay someone more money, I can't afford to do anything, this company has drained us financially, and mentally.

I have lived in my house almost 30 years, purchased it for $49000, nationstar took it over years ago, they are trying to tell us we owe $88000, 2015 tax statment said 84000, each year keeps going up, they will not let us out from under their feet.

We make our payments, my story is the same as the rest, have done modifications and get screwed with escrow every month, this has been going on for so long and has made my husband so mad that it's the only emotion he has. This company has destroyed our lives and our credit that we can't do anything.

to Tami See Seattle, Washington, United States #1136910

Class actions don't save your home.

Please contact me roadkingjewels@gmail.com

I will do my best to see how to help this situation.


Since I posted this review 5 people have taken the help and are in the process of saving their home,



We have been going through pretty much the same thing for years trying to deal with them ! This time it has really gotton close to foreclourse !

We have lived here 24 years and ever since they bought our loan it has been a nightmare ! They never apply our payments so we never really know what we owe ! Talking to them is a waste of time if u can talk to them ! We are 71 years old and just reading the reviews on here scares us to death !

I am just sick over it !

I have never in my life delt with a company like this ! At this time we are trying to figure out how we can hold on to our home !

to Anonymous Seabeck, Washington, United States #1042546

Please call me or email


360-801-7763 my paralegal will call Nationstar on your behalf, and will get to the root of the problem. They are getting more exposed everyday and we have to stay strong.

Let me help take this burden off your shoulders you are not alone, and we will stay in our homes.

All you have to do is sign an authorization form for him to speak on your behalf. Then after he speaks with you and them there will be a strategic plan of action. If after this you like what you hear them you can hire him.

We can conference call as well of you would like me on the call, I am here to help as many people as possible stay in their homes. What they are doing is wrong and it has to stop..

Fighting back is how we empower ourselves.

Call me anytime, Jules :)

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