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Nationstar bought my home loan from Citi Mortgage, and told my sick husband and I, they would give us a modifacation on our Home loan. We were behind 3 months because my husband had been in the hospital with heart problems.

They said there was a 3 months payment trial period and they werec lowering our mortgage payments and we were so releaved we could keep our home. We made every payment on time waiting on the trial period to be over, the time drug on and on and it took a full year. I called them so many times in that year, I lost count. I would call to see what the hold up was and I'd hear every different reason it was taking so long.

They lost my papers, they didn't add the Attorney fees. ect, ect and we never got to talk to the same person more then once. when I would call they never knew what I was talking about, and I was getting more and more upset with them. We were making $780 loan Modif.

payments like they told us to make instead of the full $1290 payments. We signed 6 different Modif. papers each time they said there was some problem and it did not go through and the papers had to be redone. Each time they assured us this would be the last ones we would have to sign and each time they said it was nothing we did, it was there misstake for one reason or another.

I now have a modif. loan with them but we owe over $20,000 in back loan payments, $5000 in legal fees and doc. fees-this fee and that fee. If it was done in the 3 months like they told us it would take, we would have only owed them less then $5000 all together.

Since they drug their feet for a year finishing the Loan Modif. they really made out not us in the end. Now we own them way more then the house is worth. Also we owe more then what we bought the house for 6 years before!

We think this was just a way for them to ripe us off by them waiting so long for them to compleat the loan modif.! In the end our Loan Modif. payments changed from $780 to $1050 a month because we owed so much more on it and we are now making payments for another full 30 years. We couldn't do anything but sign as we were at their mercy if we wanted to keep our home.

Is there anything we can do now about what they have done? Jstein97404@yahoo.com

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Monroe Township, New Jersey, United States #866140

They did that to is in 2007. Then they came back and said they were foreclosing because we didn't get approved for the modification.

We had to come up with $30,000 to keep our house only to file bankruptcy.

So we have been in chapter 13 for the last 3 years and are just going to to give up and file chapter 7 and get rid of the house all together. We started with a mortgage of 140,000 with them to owe 275,000 we can't afford that.

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