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I live in rural New England in a state that allows us to have mediation and resolution if falling behind in our mortgage. I requested mediation which I attended at a courthouse.

I was told that THEY would work on a package. My lawyer got a 90 day stay to come up with a solution. I hadn't received anything from them and after a month I decided to contact them on May 15th. On May 31 I still hadn't got a work out package so I called the main office.

The first lady I talked to told me that my first TRIAL PERIOD payment was due on July 1. I told her I did not receive anything from them and the letter said I only had TWO weeks to sign it in agreement. Now keep in mind, they have a lawyer and I have a lawyer. My lawyer said we were still under the 90 day period.

Get this so I asked her to send it email. It was dated May 17, and the trial period agreement was dated May 31. So that being said, if I didn't call them then I would never have known what they were up to. Case in point, i called my lawyer and he stated that we were still under the 90 day stay and were not required to sign anything.

Case in point number 2, Nationstar is supposed to be communicating directly at this point with my lawyer. Their local lawyer and my local lawyer. Had I signed it, I would have been negating my case. They had tried to scare me to go around the legal system.

I could have lost my house without even trying. Scarey scarey scarey. Thankfully I am one step ahead of them. I also put a call into the state for help to put them in their place.

They suggested I notify the Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection hotline. BEWARE... BEWARE...BEWARE.... I am ontop of this due to my diligent.

Check all the time with them. Either way people are being taken out of their homes without understanding that they need to be diligent.

Start a diary of your phone calls, emails and names of people you talked to and a brief description of what they stated. That way you will have recourse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Fixed Rate Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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