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I re-financed my home last November, no more Nationstar. However, both my new bank and Nationstar tried to pay my property tax installment.

I phoned the tax board and they accepted the payment from my new bank, and returned the payment Nationstar tried to pay. I contacted Nationstar twice, once in early February, and again last week, the last week of February. Both times they said my refund amount was correct, and both times they told me that they had mailed the check "yesterday". Yet here it is March 3rd, and no check yet.

This is bad, but their automated phone line is worse. I had to play around and use option "4" to finally get an actual person. This was confusing because the automated line only gives you a choice of an option "1" or "2" - there is no "3" or "4".

You have to trick the automated system just to get ahold of an actual person, only then can they give you poor service in a kind, reassuring voice. My advice, re-finance with someone else, these guys are an accident waiting to happen!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Exact same thing is happening to us right now!! When we closed on our house in December 2014, they paid the sellers' 2014 taxes out of our escrow account.

A year and 3 months later, we find out we are $8k in the hold in our escrow account and they are automatically taking an extra $800 payment to reimburse themselves for the money they advanced us. The tax office says they refunded the money, but Nationstar has no idea where it is. They filed for a investigation and I was told 4-5 days and someone will contact me. 5 days later, no word from them.

Now they say 7-10 days and they won't allow me to talk to anyone higher up! "Sorry for the inconvenience" is all they tell me!


Thank you .. need to refinance.

Took nation star to court and won.

I have got no where with this company. I as a home owner had 3 different mortage comp since..never ask or wanted nsm