Edgewood, Maryland

Nationstar received a tax bill on my property from the city where my property is located. The crack staff entered the bill into my account incorrectly and in effect changed my monthly escrow amount due.

At first my monthly mortgage payments went down which was consistent with the Variable Rate associated with the account at that time. I did not take notice other than to lower my payment.

16 months later Nationstar sent me notification that I had a negative balance in my escrow account, of which I had to pay off ($6553) and did, plus followed that communication with a notice that my monthly payment was going to increase by $1259 per month due to an need to increase my escrow payment.

When I called Nationstar, they passed me onto the Escrow Department. After being on and off of hold for 2 hours Nationstar was able to confirm my findings, of which a bill from the city tax department for a $12 Library fee was entered incorrectly as "the" city tax bill!

The $12 library tax for $12 overrode the actual city tax bill of $8569.

The Escrow Agent painfully explained to me in detail of how my new annual escrow required was calculated. It seemed logical but lacked sense.

Their explanation of the calculation was... they took the shortage in the account, then added the difference between the previous years tax bill, and the current years tax bill, then divided that by 12.

So in my case it was the $6553 (escrow shortage) PLUS $8557 ($8569 - $12 library bill) for a grand total of $15,110!!!!

The Nationstar representative explained it was policy that under no circumstances can the escrow amount be changed unless it went through NATIONSTAR protocol (review).

So, even though they made the mistake, I had to submit in writing how they screwed up, and wait for their response.

To add insult to injury, a NATIONSTAR representative called me a couple of weeks later and proceeded, in attempt to bully me into believing that it was not their mistake, but committed to approving the escrow review (which was not a guarantee they were changing anything) and said nothing along the side of admittance or remorse.

And this even gets better....

As all of this was going on, I continued to make my mortgage payment amount, prior to the escrow dispute, and added in the correct amount of funds which would cover the change in taxes, plus 10 % to show good faith.

When I went to make my 2nd monthly payment, I noticed that my online information showed that my account was in default. I had 0 notification / communication, via e-mail or by phone that my account was overdue or late.

In the past, Nationstar would not cash a payment if the amount was less that what was due. plus having the habit of paying my mortgage at the first of the month, if I happened to missed changes to the amount due, I would at least figure out that a mistake was made before I reached the LATE date.

This time Nationstar deposited the check, and with no explanation, written or email, then posted a deficiency of $600 plus on my online account. If I did not look at this, I would of never known. Still not communication.. verbal, written, email.

And another "it gets better"...When their staff member mis-entered the library bill as my tax bill.. it created a $2800 OVERAGE in my escrow account. So some 14 months earlier, $2800 was removed from the escrow account and a refund was (allegedly) sent to me. After another 2 hours on the phone with customer service, I again proved to them that I had not only "not" been notified that my escrow account was being changed, but never received the $2800 from the account, and they still had the money 14 month later.

To add *** onto a pile of turds. A month earlier I had completed a request form for having the PMI removed on this same mortgage.

This all started when Nationstar themselves, notified me that I was HARP refi elgible, and solicited handling the refinancing (now I did get that communication.. odd).

I proceeded with investigating what they could do for me. I did find out through their appraisal process that there was enough equity in the property to eliminate the PMI (oh and that they wanted too much $$$ for refinancing).

So its the 18th of the month and .... in summary... 1-I have an outstanding request to eliminate PMI.2-I have an escrow challenge in process.3-I have a $2800 credit with NATIONSTAR (they were sending me another check to replace the one they sent 14 months ago)4-I have a delinquency for recent months payment of $600 that is now 3 days late!

What happens over the NEXT 4 days is classic!!!!

The First NATIONSTAR communication is a denial letter to remove the PMI because I have had a "late" payment in the last 6 months (I have had mortgages over 35 years and never had a late payment!). So the $600 short is the first.

The Second NATIONSTAR communication was that they said they did not have enough information, explaining why my city taxes bill increase so much over the previous year, and need to contact the city's tax department for confirmation ( Hey Copernicus, the tax bill did not change, your data entry error made the change..), and that their decision will take longer due to this, and instructing me to continue to make the predetermined escrow payment until the issue is resolved.

The Third NATIONSTAR communication was that my $600 shortage required them to notify the 3 major credit scoring companies of my regrettable inability to pay on time...

(oh..did I mention that in addition to the $2800 they had in their hands and that they had yet to submit a payment to me, that I was carrying over $1.2 mil in mortgages with them, having in excess of $20,000 in combined escrow sitting in their vault on that date!.. and still I had "0" communication -written, verbal, email- that I was in default other than the glaring RED number when I accessed my account on-line.

Well, I did finally get my $2800 check (6 weeks later)

I did get a promise on the phone that they would review my late pay and consider removing the scar on my credit score (sent me a letter within a couple of days saying more or less "that aint gonna happen").

I did get my escrow requirement to within 80 % of what it should be.

I did learn a very valuable lesson...

When your executive staff does not stand behind the production of each incremental level of employee, good or bad, your company will never achieve excellence.

I have professional empathy for the personnel that are being led by the people responsible for extolling the virtues of a mission statement which would support these types of processes in the execution of their strategic plan.

Simply put... A $12 mistake is going to cost millions.. Between my immediate family, employees and hundreds of customers I interface with on a regular basis, I promise you that Nationstar will be known as the Brownstar!

Ps. I did have interaction with mid-level managers, upper level managers, and the officer level through this journey. Many promises were made. Needless to say, consistency was prevalent in the meeting of those expectations set by those leaders.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Thank you for telling your experience. Unfortunately, having a similar situation with them as well. How is this company not being investigated or a lawsuit levied against them?!?


Oh brother. I'm just beginning a process where they owe me $19.00.

Fortunately, I'm in a position where I can write letters, and make phone calls for as long as it takes to get what is owed to me. It's laughable what has happened so far.

I'm just starting my abysmal customer service experience with them. Good Luck to you.


please call me I can help you. I am dealing with a lot of the same issues.

I am looking for people that are frustrated and want help and not sure where to go get the help to break through Nationstar walls for answers.

after 8 years of *** finally am able to turn on them,



Very frustrating!!! I have been dealing with them for 5 years.

It is a good idea to have your loan looked through for accounting errors and make sure you are good to go. My paralegal went through mine and I have a signifigant refund coming to me.

They know they are busted and are ignoring my case but thats ok I am suing by going into a litigation pro se. which is prepared by my firm.